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Installing An Apk File? Is It Safe To Install? – Know

Installing An Apk File 2021

Installing An Apk File? Is It Safe To Install? – Know >> The guide is to share important details regarding APK file installation and how to check its authenticity.

Android is an open-source platform, and the biggest benefit of using Android OS is the amount of control it offers. Unlike Apple and Windows, the Android OS allows users to do many things with their phones, especially installing applications from unknown sources.

Apple users have only one option to get the applications, and it is via App Store or jail-breaking their iOS device. On the other hand, Android users can install applications from Play Store or sideload them using APK files (Android Application Package Files).

But, the only issue is that there is a higher risk involved in installing APK files of premium games. So, let us check the detailed guide on Installing An Apk File? Is It Safe To Install?

When do You need to Install APK Files?

Installing any game or application from Play Store is the fastest, quick, and probably the safest way to get the app on your Android device. But there are some paid games or premium games that are available for a small fee. So, to avoid the fee and charges, users usually install the APK files from unknown sources. Some of the other cases include:

  • Play Store not working
  • Installing the game or apps is restricted by regions or nations
  • The OS version is not compatible with the requirements of the application
  • Excessive charges for installing the game and apps

How to Enable APK on your Android Device?

It is not challenging to sideload APK files on your Android device. However, users have to enable the “Unknown Sources” option on their device from the setting menu to accept APK files from unknown sources other than Google Play Store.

As you enable the option, your device will start accepting APK files from third party sources.

Installing An Apk File? Is It Safe To Install? – How to Check

If you doubt the security and safety of the APK file, ensure to check if it is safe for installing using the following methods.

Check the HASH

Users can use the HASH Droid checker tool to check the authenticity and safety of the APK file for installation. SHA of APK file is the digital fingerprint, ensuring the data is not tampered with or modified before installation.

HASH Droid is the application to check HASH on your device. As you start checking the file, the tool will display everything about SHA-256, SHA-1, and MD5 of the application.

The application will show all crucial details. You also need third-party checker tool to see if the file is original or tampered with. As you upload the file on the checker tool, you will be notified whether it is original or modified.

Scanning the APK Files

  • VirusTotal – VirusTotal is the online application helping Android users to check the viruses and other tampered files of the APK. Users have to access the website and choose the file for scanning. Check the dialogue box and wait for a few minutes for results. The mobile application is also available for Android users.
  • NViso APKScan – It is also a good choice to scan the APK files and get a detailed evaluation before installation. Users have to choose the file and scan it to get a detailed report in email.

Is it Safe to Install APK Files?

It would be a big lie to say that installing APK files from third-party sources is safe because the high risk is involved in the process. Malware and viruses prowl the unofficial applications as it lacks security measures.

So, when you install APK files from third-party sources, you and your device is at higher risk of malware and virus attack. It is always safe to install from Google Play Store to avoid malware and virus attacks. If installing the APK file is necessary for you, then use the above tips to check the security and safety of the APK files before installing.


Hopefully, now you are aware of Installing An Apk File? Is It Safe To Install? The post shares some useful tools to check the authenticity of the APK files before installing them.

If you still doubt the authenticity of the APK file during the scanning process, avoid installing from such suspicious websites and look for other alternatives. Moreover, we only provide you with the information and suggest you install from legit sites or options. Also, if you face any error and think of downloading the APK File, you may read some tips here on solving any error and then make your decision.

What is your opinion on installing APK files from third-party sources? Would you please share it in the comments section?

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